Fine Antique Chinese Green Jadeite Snuff Bottle Carved Pendant



Fine Antique Chinese Green Jadeite Snuff bottle Shape Carving or Pendant with dragon carved on one side and a gong carved on the other. Sits on a wooden base. Inside is not hallow and piece is very thin for a snuff bottle. Great as Pendant for a necklace. Highly Translucent with Natural Green Jadeite Color. […]

Antique China Red Coral Resin Hand Carved Pattern Snuff Bottle Signed



Ok’D By E bay To List. 1-216650701986 service request number. E bay Policy States if ivory is less then 10% Of item its okay to list. Hi welcome to my e bay site. Some of my items may not be for everyday use. Please read the following. Some are one of a kind custom made […]