Antique Carved Hetian Celadon Jade Snuff Bottle, Russet Inclusions



ANTIQUE CARVED HETIAN CELADON JADE SNUFF BOTTLE. Antique Carved Hetian Celadon Jade Snuff Bottle. Acquired from an estate collection. In flattened baluster motif with round shoulders. Genuine Hetian celadon jade, softly polished stone with russet inclusions. Simulated coral topper underlain by bronze socket. Height: 6.0 cm or 2 3/8 inches. Width: 5.0 cm or 2 […]

Antique Carved Agate Snuff Bottle on Jade Base with Spiral Snuff Spoon 19thC



Antique Agate Snuff Bottle. An interesting and unusual agate snuff bottle. This one carved from a piece of agate, with lovely use of the markiungs within the stone. It is fixed onto a Jade or hardstsone base, and has an unusual spiral bone (bovine bone) – spoon. The bottle stands 89mm tall and the base […]