Antique Chinese Peking Glass with carved blue overlay Snuff Bottle



This is a beautifully carved overlay bottle Very delicately carved in dark blue glass over a white snowflake base. It has a blue glass stopper set on a silver (could be sterling) collar and with a carved spoon. It is approximately 2 Inches tall and 2 inches wide. Late 18th Century to early 19th Century, […]

Finest Old Chinese Natural Nephrite Jade Hand Carving Snuff Bottle



Very Fine Chinese Natural Green and White Jadeite Emerald Thumb Finger Ring. Rare Old Chinese Natural “YaoBian” Blue and Red Glazes Porcelain Vase. Finest Old Chinese “Ding” Kiln White Glaze Hand Carving Porcelain Bowl. Old Chinese Red and Golden Glazes Porcelain Vase Marked “QingLiangSi”. Fine Chinese Old Hand Carving “GuanYin” Buddha and Unicorn Boxwood Statue. […]